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My passion is working with people via the exploration of dreams and consciousness, using spiritual and psychological modalities. I love working with clients and groups using multidimensional tools to improve our relationships with others, our relationships and communication within our selves, and to empower each of us to live our most authentic life.

Dream WorkWorking with dreams is a mysterious and fascinating way to get in touch with your higher self and deeper sense of knowing. Their applications range from the practical to the mystical. On the practical side, you can use the information they hold to:

  • Get in touch with your true calling in life
  • Receive guidance towards finding your romantic partner
  • Come up with new ideas for creative projects or business
  • Improve existing business and personal relationships

You can even learn to ask a question when you go to sleep, and wake up with the answer.

Dreams can also take us into the realm of the mysterious and unknown. Many people have experienced psychic dreams, astral travel, lucid dreaming, shared dreams, and encounters with departed loved ones.

Dreams are so multi-dimensional and fascinating, and I believe any given dream can contain many levels and layers, including combinations of all of the above. For example, one dream may contain a psychic element – you may be picking up on something that is actually happening in the outside world (or has yet to happen)– and you may also be able to use interpretive techniques to uncover deeply personal symbolic meaning from the same dream.

Our dreams always have our best interest at heart, and are like a good friend who can offer us a new perspective on life. You can then use this information to make positive changes and create the life of your dreams (literally)! I hope you will find this site informative, intriguing, and that it will inspire you to want to learn more from your own dreaming mind.

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