I see clients in person at East West Bookshop in Seattle on Saturdays  from 3:30 – 8pm. I am often available there other days as well, depending on the schedule that week. Contact me directly to book an appointment; I also offer consultations by phone or email. You can reach me at: mimi@thedreamdetective.com  or 206-328-6464.

Types of Sessions:

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Relationships
  • Life Path
  • Tarot

Dream Interpretation
Our dreams can help us solve problems, understand our relationships, and come up with creative ideas. They can also give us spiritual and psychic experiences that transport us to other realms. I love to help people understand what their own psyche is telling them, translating the messages of the subconscious to the conscious, as well as gain understanding of some of the more unusual dream phenomena. Profound change can happen when we experience the messages from deep within our own consciousness.

I love to use my background in Transactional Analysis: a humanistic, social psychology specializing in interpersonal relationships and communication,  as well as how we communicate within ourselves, to help people with their relationships in all areas of life. Whether we are in love, looking for love, with people at home, among friends, or in the work place, we can all use help in this area of life. My consultations offer constructive tools for improving relationships, including how we communicate with others as well as within our selves.

Life Path
My goal is to help you get back to your authentic self, and gain clarity regarding decisions to be made along the way. I want you to live your life the way you desire, and to have authentic relationships with meaningful, direct and clear communication. We all have experiences throughout the life cycle that take us away from the essence of who we truly are, and the direction we really wanted to go. We may not have been allowed to be a certain way growing up, and so we adapt to survive. But there continues to be a sense that something is missing, until we find our way back. Our dreams will always guide us back on this path to wholeness. I also use tools such as Transactional Analysis, working with the subconscious mind, and Parts Therapy as excellent resources for decision making and returning to our authentic self.

Like a dream, the tarot conveys messages through symbols, stories and metaphors, which are the language of the subconscious mind and intuitive realm. During a reading we are exploring things from an intuitive perspective that allows for and facilitates creative thinking and problem solving. We are all living a story. A tarot reading can show us our own story from a new perspective, and help us gain new insight in a surprisingly accurate and uncanny way. While the cards may show us potentials and possibilities, I believe we also have the free will to participate in creating the life we desire, which is something I love to help people do.

Contact me directly to book an appointment at the bookshop, or for a phone or email consultation: mimi@thedreamdetective.com  206-328-6464