Meditation is a wonderful tool that can promote relaxation, healing and relief from a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite guided meditations that are available for free on YouTube. Note that when I listen to these from my phone, there is no advertisement before the guided meditation. When I plug the link into my computer it plays an ad first; but if your willing to do that the meditations are well worth it.

Deeply Relaxing Body Mind Hypnosis Sun Meditation / Relax guided visualization for life spirit – Jason Stephenson

Guardian Angel Meditation, Spoken Word, Guided Meditation For Beginners, Angel Visualization – Jason Stephenson

1 Hour Sleep Talk Down – Into the Mountains – Jason Stephenson

Hypnosis for Clearing Subconscious Negativity – Michael Sealy

Beach shack relaxation spoken meditation | A new series to help with stress & anxiety relief – Jason Stephenson

Pain Relief Guided Meditation for easing aches, pain, headaches – Jason Stephenson

Being Assertive | Saying no | Assertiveness Confidence Training Affirmations – Jason Stephenson

Health, Wealth, Happiness POWERFUL Affirmations | Rich Incantations for Life Change – Jason Stephenson

A Trip to the Beach (Remastered) – Emmet Miller, music by Stephen Halpern (a long time favorite of mine over the years)