The Enchanted Art Oracle Cards are available at East West Bookshop in Seattle, WA and Palo Alto, CA, as well as on my Etsy shop

I have created a deck of oracle cards! I have combined my love of art with my background in spiritual and social psychology, dreams, consciousness, and spirituality, to create an inspirational card deck for personal development and intutive insight.

The Enchanted Art Oracle Card Deck consists of 42 cards paring beautiful vintage artwork with inspirational messages. Each message is designed to guide and encourage you along your life’s true path and align you with your higher self, inner wisdom, and intuition. Whether you are looking to connect to your life purpose, find meaning, create or deepen relationships, the intention of these cards is to assist you in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

The deck comes in 2 sizes and is available via my ETSY shop:



“Every time I use the enchanted art oracle cards I feel happy. The beautiful art and wise messages speak clearly to my own hearts knowing. They are a great tool for self discovery, comfort and Insight, as well a delightful gift.”
-Jacqueline B., Professional tarot & oracle card reader

“My six year old granddaughter is infatuated with your oracle cards, and I love them too! A friend introduced us to the deck, and now we must get one of our own!”
-Kim M.

“Nice deck, for my clients and for me! Pure energy with them…thanks!”

“Received this deck very quickly after ordering; lovely cards with beautiful messages-I love to use these cards!”
-Michelle S

“I love your oracle deck! I use these cards every day. I randomly select a new one every evening, so I can think about it as I fall asleep. My mind then contemplates the card as I sleep, making my dreams more useful to me. Interestingly, I keep drawing certain cards most often and these are the messages that it seems like I most need to hear. The text on each card is so nurturing, supportive, and loving—literally the voice that was missing from my childhood. I sometimes ask a question before I draw a card, and sometimes I don’t. They are helpful either way. The timeless and nostalgic pictures on the cards are delightful and they call to my inner muse. Thank you for designing such a wonderful deck of cards. I find them indispensable!”
– Monique S.

“Mimi gave me one of her oracle cards that she so beautifully designed when I was in East West Bookstore. The image was of a woman riding a dragon, with the message: ‘The very thing that challenges you can be transformed into your greatest strength.’ It was just the message I needed to hear and I have placed it on my altar to remind me every day. I have also been collecting little dragon figures to remind me of the message. The cards Mimi has created are truly beautiful and inspiring.”
– Robin M.

“I have drawn a few of your cards from you personally, and was very inspired and grateful each time. Today I felt heavily called purchased your Enchanted Art Oracle deck. I’ve since come home and taken them to my meditation and sacred space. I did a mini cleansing ritual a 3 card reading for myself, which was extremely touching. I was so thrilled and excited about my reading that I offered a girlfriend of mine to do one for her, a 7 card spread to find the path to her inner warrioress and I felt as though I truly made connection to the divine as it was speaking through me to reach out to my friend and deliver her those messages of hope and encouragement, inspiration.
I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the deck, and I am really looking forward to doing more personal work for myself and loved ones and see where it takes me. I’m very grateful for this experience!”
In love light and joy,
-Sabrina H.