The Enchanted Art Oracle Cards are available at East West Bookshops in Seattle, WA and Palo Alto, CA, as well as on my Etsy shop.

I have combined my love of art with my background in spiritual and social psychology, dreams, consciousness, and spirituality, to create an inspirational card deck for personal development and intuitive insight.

The Enchanted Art Oracle Card Deck consists of 42 cards paring beautiful vintage artwork with inspirational messages. Each message is designed to guide and encourage you along your life’s true path and align you with your higher self, inner wisdom, and intuition. Whether you are looking to connect to your life purpose, find meaning, create or deepen relationships, the intention of these cards is to assist you in fulfilling your heart’s desires.

The deck comes in 2 sizes and is available via my ETSY shop:



“I absolutely Love, Love, Love the Enchanted Art Oracle. There’s never been a deck that I have found every image to be absolutely beautiful and appealing. I am besotted with the imagery, card stock, finish and over all layout. Thanks again for such a lovely piece of art and divination.”

  • Tamara


“So beautiful! I loved looking over each and every card for the artwork and then back through again to take in the messages. ♥”

  • Angelique


“Love it!!! Such beautiful messages. Each card is a positive friendly reminder of a good and healthy vision of life. The card stock and the imagery give a great vintage touch to it. Thank you Mimi Pettibone for your work!! I did received my cards in such a quick and efficient way. I am super happy with this whole shopping experience. Thanks again!”

  • Sophie


“Nice deck, for my clients and for me! Pure energy with them…thanks”

  • LACE


“My six year old granddaughter is infatuated with your oracle cards, and I love them too! A friend introduced us to the deck, and now we must get one of our own!”

  • Kim M.


“You And Your Cards Rock! I took my deck to an all-girls gathering – each card fit each person perfectly. They were admired and enjoyed by all of us. Thank you for your creativity.”

  • Cathy P.


“These are beautiful cards with uplifting messages. I draw one every day and they make me feel better about myself. It’s like having a personal cheerleader telling me that I can do it! I’ve bought decks for friends as well.”

  • Dottie O.