Parts Therapy
Have you ever found yourself saying “part of me wants to loose weight, but part of me loves to eat cake!” or “part of me wants to be in a relationship, but part of me enjoys being independent”.  Working with these different aspects of the personality is a specialty of mine, having first been introduced to it through dream work where a person speaks as a dream character or element. Our various ‘parts’ are often in conflict with each other, but their conversations are running below the surface of our awareness. So we feel confused and pulled in different directions, yet don’t know why. Having a parts therapy session can sort out these internal conflicts, and help us gain resolution and inner peace.

In Relationships: When we interact with others, it is not just me and you. It’s all the different parts of me, and all the different parts of you, constantly changing and making communication all the more challenging. Gaining conscious awareness, and having a choice, regarding which part of ourselves we are communicating from helps us to better understand our selves and others. This creates a positive impact that improves the quality of our relationships and communication.

Decision Making: Working with the different parts of our selves is a powerful tool when faced with decision making. By allowing each conflicting part to speak, to have a voice uninterrupted, we are able to reach integration and come to a resolution within. Our higher self, and our intuitive self can also be seen as parts, and can be facilitated in a session as well. Speaking directly from your intuition, or your higher self, can be a powerful and moving experience. Allowing our parts to dialogue, and come to an integrative resolution, creates a wonderful sense of peace and internal harmony. Decisions become clear, communication issues resolve.