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To submit a dream for the show, you have several options:

  1. Record the dream on your phone and email it to me
  2. Call this number: 1-831-221-0069 and leave a voice mail with your dream, and be sure to leave a contact phone or email. You will have about 3 minutes to record, but feel free to call back and leave more messages if you need more time.
  3. Email your written dream to me by clicking here

This podcast will explore the mysteries of the mind, body, and spirit, including: dreams, consciousness, spirituality, relationships, healing, quantum physics, psychic and paranormal phenomena. Some shows will feature interviews with leading experts in their field, other shows will focus on dreams and dream interpretation.

To submit a dream for the show, or submit a question for an upcoming guest,  contact host Mimi by email or call 1-831-221-0069.

Happy Dreaming!